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Aspects of Aging

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Reports on Village Movement

These articles describe the growing movement for seniors to "age in place", staying in their homes as long as possible with the help of neighbors, "villages within cities and towns", and a national Village to Village network. There are several articles that describe specific "villages" and their successes and problems.
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Demographics of Seniors

There are a number of studies involving seniors, including medical research, how seniors handle technology, or where they choose to retire. Here are some of the numbers.
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Retirement & Aging Gracefully

These articles express optimism about the opportunities provided by aging: wisdom, retirement, doing what we've always wanted, and post-retirement careers. There are articles about staying healthy, avoiding injury, and growing old gracefully.
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Financial and Legal Issues

Retirement planning, continuing to work, wills, estate planning.... There are lots of financial and legal issues to think about and take action on as we age.
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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness awareness can help to keep us all young at heart. Issues include preventative, behavioral, and physical health, as well as managing chronic health issues, such as depression, diabetes, asthma, weight loss, and nutrition.
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Dementia and Alzheimer's

News articles on dementia and Alzheimer's, including diagnosis and treatment, the effects of music on dementia, coping with Alzheimer's in long term care, how to distinguish Alzheimer's from ordinary memory loss.
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Long Term Health Care

A wide-ranging series of articles about long-term care, including how the aging population will affect the health care system, costs, Medicare and Medicaid, long term care insurance policies, finding in-home care workers as well as facilities, how to care for aging parents from a distance, easing the burden, and much more.
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End of Life Issues

These are difficult issues and difficult articles to read, but they go to the core of how we live - and die. The articles discuss Atul Gawande's book "Being Mortal", why it's so difficult to talk about our end of life wishes, hospice care (sooner rather than later), how to retain some control over the end of life using the legal system, and why and when denial is good for caregivers.
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